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In the 1980s I started writing and performing my own composi­tions on guitar. Soon I couldn’t resist the temptation of playing other instruments and over the years I played with various groups on very many different instruments (jazz, folk, blues and world). In 2018 I returned to the guitar. I wrote new material but no longer compositions as in the ’80s. Now I tend to play more ambient soundscapes with a lot of space for improvisation. With the use of a loop pedal I can also play flutes at the same time.


Let yourself be enchanted by these magical sounds.


Opening up your mind attending a concert you can let yourself get carried away by meditative and relaxing layers of strings and melodyweaving flutes.

Original compositions and lots of improvisation.

At live performances much attention is given to the sound quality. I will  bring my own sound system.



In general the music from Elzinga is dreamy and romantic but it's got balls though"

- Marius Roeting, New Folksounds -

"Listening to your tracks on Youtube I was struck by the quiet beauty and delacacy of your guitarplaying"

- Will Meeder, Art Carnivale festival -

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