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guitar and sometimes flute

Over 40 years music has been my life. 5 string banjo was my first instrument (apart from piano and recorder at the age of 7 which was a family tradition). Soon I became interested in fingerstyle guitar and started composing my own tunes, picking up mandolin and violin as well. I played with many musician's in many groups and in many different styles (touring with Texan singer Lucy Steymel, The bluegrass clodhoppers, The magnificent Opalino's, Conjunto Yaravì, Ekeko, Zumbayllu, caribean one man band elZina, Paratata, Lumayna),

Now I play my own music again as a solo performer but with the technical means which weren't available in the 80's like a loopstation and sophisticated effects.


Opening up your mind attending a concert you can let yourself get carried away by meditative and relaxing layers of strings and melodyweaving flutes.

Many original compositions and some well known pieces.

At live performances much attention is given to the sound quality. I will  bring my own sound system.

"Listening to your tracks on Youtube I was struck by the quiet beauty and delacacy of your guitarplaying"

-Will Meeder, Art Carnivale festival-




november 10, CD presentatie Leidse Lente, Leiden

met gastmuzikanten Stan Stolk contrabas, Rob Musters sopraansax, Davide Lionetti perkussie.

Marion Steur draagt een gedicht voor op muziek.

november 17, Huiskamerfestival, Zuidwolde

november 21, cafe acoustique, Heemskerk FM radio

december 18, lunchconcert Oosterpoort, Groningen


april 5, Johanneskerk, Losdorp

july 1, Theater Onder de Molen, Vorden


past events


october 6, Gluren bij de buren, Lisse

october 5, Kunstkring, Voorst

september 27, Kunstroute, Hoevelaken

september 1, Hembrughappening, Zaandam

august 25, Wat ’n kunst, Roden

august 3 & 4, Atelier route De Beetse en Ter Borg, Sellingen

july 18, 19, 20, Taribush Kuna festival, Lheebroek

july 14, Ramblas 4 daagse, Nijmegen

july 14, Mystical Fantasy Fair, Heeswijk-Dinther

july 6, Frisk aan het Spaarne, Haarlem

june 23, Het Veerkwartier, Haarlem

may 12, Herberg de Pol, Diepenheim

april 28, Kasteel Duurstede, Wijk bij Duurstede

april 13, De Groote Weiver, Wormerveer

march 29, Sta-Art, Alphen aan den Rijn

january 27, cafe van der Geest, Noordwijkerhout

january 26, Byron Bay lunch bar, Den Haag


december 23, Het Veerkwartier, Haarlem

december 14, Botanische tuin Kralingen, Rotterdam

december 10, Amnesty International, Noordwijkerhout

november 18, Tuinen van Appeltern

november 11, Cultuurcafe, Noordwijk

november 3, Andledon, Den Andel

october 20, De Lantaern, Zevenaar

october 6, Buurthuis de Kooi, Leiden

july 26/27/28, Taribush Kuna festival, Lheebroek

july 22, Art Carnivale festival, Steendam

july 21, Mystical fantasy fair, Heeswijk-Dinther

july 1, Galerie de Pomp, Warmond

june 9, DuneArt festival, Den Haag

june 1, Kadmium, Delft

may 27, Cultuurcafe, Noordwijk

may 11, Folkclub de Liemers, Duiven

april 13, Taste, Delft

march 24, Luisterdiner, Den Hoorn

march 11, Gluren bij de buren, Leiden

february 17, de Zwaan, Uitgeest

february 1, 4themusic, Leiden

january 21, Theatercafe, Leiden


december 17, cafe vd Geest, Noordwijkerhout


Noordwijk, Nederland